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At Still Human we are dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of staff in education, as we believe that when staff thrive, everyone thrives. We deliver workshops in-person and online using evidence-based theory as well as teaching simple practical strategies to maintain good physical and mental health.

What we do

All our workshops are delivered with science-backed expertise and a human-fuelled passion to inspire positive change. Still Human delivers workshops face-to-face in schools and online. All sessions focus on using evidence-based theory to learn about human behaviour, health and wellbeing as well as teaching simple practical strategies and techniques to help maintain good physical and mental health.


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Learning to manage stress can be beneficial to both physical and mental health, as well as help to improve sleep and overall wellbeing. In this interactive workshop staff will gain a better understanding of stress as well as exploring their own stress response. The workshop also includes an opportunity to learn practical ways to reduce stress and improve wellbeing through the exploration of simple but powerful mindfulness exercises. This session is suitable for all staff and anyone who has found themselves trying to remain calm amidst the chaos.

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Power of Rest

Rest isn’t something that should just happen during school holidays. Nor should it be something we try to cram into a hectic Sunday before the school week begins again. Dedicated downtime is vital to human health. In this workshop, we focus on rest and the essential role it plays in our overall wellbeing, spotlighting its ability to improve concentration, creativity and productivity. We’ll learn about different types of rest, rest deficits and ways to achieve more of it (even on a work day.) We’ll also take a closer look at sleep and ways to get a better night’s sleep.

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Menopause Mindfulness

Combining specific elements from our mindfulness and menopause awareness workshops, we’ve created Mindfulness for Menopause. Because there’s stress, and then there’s menopausal stress! Menopause transition puts stress on the body because of all the hormonal changes which are naturally occurring. The good news is, learning to manage your stress really can make a difference. This workshop will offer specific tools to help women reframe their approach to menopause and, ultimately, equip them to better deal with the stress and other symptoms that menopause can bring.


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Wellbeing Champion

Do you work in education? Become a Wellbeing Champion and help embed staff wellbeing into the culture of your school or college. When staff train with Still Human to become a Wellbeing Champion, they will be equipped with everything they need to effectively inspire long-term cultural change around staff wellbeing. When good wellbeing is nurtured amongst staff in the workplace, individuals and organisations thrive.

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Menopause Ambassador

Become a Menopause Ambassador and help create a supportive and open working environment, that will empower your staff, reduce the stigma and improve retention. When staff train with Still Human to become a Menopause Ambassador they will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and resources to raise awareness and foster a more inclusive workplace.


“I worked with Julie to co-present a workshop on Menopause Mindfulness. It was so well received by the attendees that I am planning to do many more. Julie delivers methods of using mindfulness practice in menopause in such a practical way, providing helpful and easy-to-remember tools. She is a great asset to the menopause conversation, and her workshops are fun, engaging and so very useful.”

Amanda Thebe

“I thought the workshop was brilliant so informative and well delivered.”


"Julie ran a virtual 'Menopause Mindfulness' workshop for us and it was great to see people in deep discussion and sharing their personal stories. It was so helpful for these women to realise there were so many other people going through the same experiences. I would highly recommend this workshop."


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