At Still Human we are dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of staff in education, as we believe that when staff thrive, everyone thrives. We deliver workshops in-person and online using evidence-based theory as well as teaching simple practical strategies to maintain good physical and mental health. All our workshops and courses are created by facilitators with a wealth of experience in the education sector who are passionate about improving the wellbeing of staff in our schools and colleges.

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Learning to manage stress can be beneficial to both physical and mental health, as well as help to improve sleep and overall wellbeing. In this interactive workshop staff will gain a better understanding of stress as well as exploring their own stress response. The workshop also includes an opportunity to learn practical ways to reduce stress and improve wellbeing through the exploration of simple but powerful mindfulness exercises. This session is suitable for all staff and anyone who has found themselves trying to remain calm amidst the chaos.

Key Details

  • Combine any of our workshops to create a full or half day staff wellbeing package.

  • Workshops can be delivered online or in-person.

Contact us to book a workshop


  • How long is the workshop?

    This workshop is ideally delivered over 2 hours. However, we can tailor the session to meet the time frame you have available so please get in touch.

  • Who is this workshop suitable for?

    This workshop is suitable for all staff across the organisation. It can also be delivered to bespoke groups for example Designated Safeguard Leads across a MAT or Senior Leadership teams.

  • Is this course only for people who are stressed?

    No, the introduction to mindful practice can be used to improve performance in any area, and you don’t need to be feeling ‘stressed’ to benefit from the techniques we introduce.

  • Who will deliver the workshop?

    Our facilitators are all former teachers each with over 25 years’ of education experience, so have a good understanding of the current pressures faced by the education sector. They are also trained in Mindfulness practice.

  • How is the workshop delivered?

    This workshop is ideally delivered face to face to make the most of its interactive nature.

  • Is this workshop accredited?

    Yes! This course has CPD Accreditation. All we need is your email address and your certificate will be sent to you upon completion.


Lots of information and the facilitator had a wealth of knowledge. The workshop was very interactive and the team enjoyed it.

Mrs Heslop-Stead, HLTA, Stanhope Barrington School

The workshop was very well received, I will definitely recommend it to other schools in our Trust as I think they would benefit from this too.

Deb Cross, Headteacher, Stanhope Barrington School

It was a great session and the team have been talking about it a lot! Everyone really enjoyed it. One of the girls even went home and did the bucket with her two children to help them prioritise and see what was causing their stress/anxiety! So a great outcome!

Kenny, Director, SICM Ltd

Thank you so much for the insightful workshop you delivered- it was a really useful and positive and was very well received by staff (those I have spoken to have expressed how much they enjoyed it and thought they could use some of the techniques included). The handout is great and I will make sure all the staff have access to it to remind them to be mindful throughout the day.

Becky Clowes, Headteacher, Bedelsford School