At Still Human we are dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of staff in education, as we believe that when staff thrive, everyone thrives. We deliver workshops in-person and online using evidence-based theory as well as teaching simple practical strategies to maintain good physical and mental health. All our workshops and courses are created by facilitators with a wealth of experience in the education sector who are passionate about improving the wellbeing of staff in our schools and colleges.

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Menopause Awareness

75% of the teaching workforce in the UK is female, which means understanding menopause - a natural transition in a woman’s life - is vitally important to the education sector. According to The Menopause Charity, 10% of women leave the workforce as a result of menopause. In this awareness workshop, we offer a deeper understanding of menopause, including when it can affect women, how it can affect them and routes to managing symptoms both in and out of the workplace. Our aim is to normalise discussions around menopause, empowering women to take control of their health and making sure that the right support is in place that enables them to thrive in the workplace.

Workshop Overview

  • In this 60-minute workshop we cover the stages, symptoms and routes to managing symptoms of menopause as well as learning ways to support women going through menopause both in the workplace and at home.

  • The interactive Menopause Awareness workshop aims to normalise discussions around menopause, whilst at the same time not normalising any suffering. Through ongoing conversations such as these we can start to encourage a more menopause friendly environment – where women feel comfortable talking about how it is affecting them, without any shame or embarrassment, know where to go for advice and support, and others feel able to give that support.

  • Menopause isn’t just an issue for ‘women of a certain age’. 75% of staff working in education are female but menopause is a whole-school issue. For younger women it can be a great opportunity to learn more about their hormones, for partners of women it can be beneficial to understand potential symptoms and ways to support during menopause and Mangers and Senior Leaders can benefit from considering how to work towards a more inclusive workplace.

Key Details

  • Available as a female-only or a full-staff session.

  • Combine any of our workshops to create a full or half day staff wellbeing package.

  • Workshops can be delivered online or in-person.

  • This workshop is CPD accredited.

  • Delivered by Wellbeing Facilitators who have worked in education settings.

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  • Is this workshop for women only?

    This session is for everyone affected directly or indirectly by menopause. This session is about inclusivity and men are part of the conversation too. This workshop can be delivered to mixed groups, for women only, or to men wanting to support a colleague or loved one. It also works well as a workshop for Managers or SLT teams.

  • How long is the workshop?

    The workshop lasts one hour.

  • How is this workshop delivered?

    We can deliver this workshop either in your school or college, or online.

  • Do I need to bring anything?

    No, but you may want to bring a pen or your phone to access the paper or online feedback form at the end. If the session is online, you will need access to a computer. We will send out a handout after the workshop covering the main points with links to websites and recommendations on where to get further information.

  • Can I ask questions?

    Yes, we encourage you to ask questions. All our workshops are interactive and we welcome questions and discussion throughout.

  • Does this workshop count towards CPD?

    Yes! This course has CPD Accreditation. All we need is your email address and your certificate will be sent to you.


"In terms of training speaking to its audience your training has certain had an amazing impact! Staff LOVED it and are there is definitely an open dialogue, comfortableness and language which wasn’t there before."

Kate Chisholm, Executive Headteacher at Oakfield Schools Federation

"This session should be mandatory in every workplace. Opening up the conversation around menopause has already created a more supportive environment within the team."

Teacher, Kelvin Grove Primary School, Gateshead

"From a complete novice and with no real understanding of this as a topic, the session was structured really well and provided excellent insight and supported a great understanding."

Line Manager, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The menopause workshop normalised conversations around menopause. The links to resources provided were a great place to start for researching into how to improve workplace environments and provide support for those experiencing symptoms.

SLT member, Priory Learning Trust.